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Production Specs

Production Company: Lunar Flame Pictures

Cast: Leah Ruff, Brandon Matthew Layne, Matt Lytle, Maria Leigh

Director: Lucie Gillespie

Writer: Lucie Gillespie

Produced By: Charles Busch, Alex Gasparetto, Lucie Gillespie, Malcolm Gillespie, Patrick John Sharp

Cinematographer: Alex Gasparetto

Editor: Jr Davis, Alex Gasparetto, Casey Penn

Composer: Bon Lucas



Local Motion Picture Institute student to premiere first film



Evelyn Reynolds has it all together; however, she is haunted by thoughts of a painful childhood. Watching as her brother walks in the same footsteps as their abusive father, Evelyn is forced to confront the monster that torments her.

“One day after class Lucie came up to me and asked; “How possible is it to burn an actual trailer down?. And that is how I was first introduced to the ‘Ashes’ project. A massively ambitious student film that showcased so much talent. The day I visited set I felt and witnessed a synergy between Lucie and Alex. They seemed to finish each others sentences in a cinematic kind of way.”
— Douglas Shulze . President of The Motion Picture Institute